About us..

Health Central OTI developed gradually from the clinic of a pioneer Occupational Therapist Lawrence Farrow, who started a small clinic in Mount Hawthorn in 2003. His dedication to the clinic and to the area of functional soft tissue medicine became somewhat of a tradition as he now speaks at conferences all over the world and has run post graduate courses in Functional Soft Tissue Medicine for the past 20 years.

From the beginning, innovation, excellence and ongoing professional education was the standard and as such many other Occupational Therapists joined the team, sharing in the pioneering zeal of the practice. As the demand for services increased, the clinic has kept growing and now has two facilities and 14 Occupational Therapists, a dedicated educational facility and a Broadcast studio.

Although the Occupational Therapists at Health Central OTI were initially viewed as unconventional, the clinical benefits of the practice were undeniable. As the success of the methods of practice became evident, so did its acceptance within the wider community. This led to the clinic working with not only the general population, but also with the elite athletic community, musicians, dancers, musical theatre and large multinational corporations.