Laurie Farrow

Laurie graduated 30 years ago from W.A.I.T. now Curtin University.

Laurie’s office bearing includes past President of OT Australia WA, past and current member of the OT National Council, a current member of the Registration Board, an adjunct senior lecturer at James Cook University and part time lecturer at universities throughout the nation. Laurie conducts post graduate courses in Functional Soft Tissue Medicine which has been running since 1994, in Perth, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne and Brisbane, and is currently certificated through James Cook University in Townsville.

Laurie has spoken at many conferences worldwide and most recently spoke as guest of honor at the Singapore Malaysian OT Symposium in Langkawi and at the All India OT Conference in India.  Laurie is regularly asked to speak to corporate industry in relation to optimizing executive performance and also has strong links with the corporate sector throughout Australia.

Laurie’s awards include: Occupational Therapy “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” 1994: Australian Gymnastics Association “Official of the Year” 1998: the “Australian Sports Medal” 2000 as part of the Australian Honours List. Laurie has represented Australia as treating practitioner at 8 World Championships and is currently the Managing Director of Health Central Occupational Therapy International.

Laurie has treated the elite athletic fraternity since the early 1990’s, treating professional ballet dancers and contemporary dancers, professional basketball players from the NBL and ex NBA, soccer players, gold medal Olympians in sailing, national track and field athletes, professional artistic skaters, badminton players, boxers etc.

Laurie also treats many of the professional musicians, dancers and singers who undertake concert tours to Perth.

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Brett Zani

Brett is a Senior Occupational Therapist and has been treating at Health Central OTI since 2003 with a focus on sports and dance injury and improving athletic performance. Brett also has a particular interest in post surgical rehabilitation, frozen shoulder treatments and postural correction programs.

Brett treats clients from the SBL, NBL, WNBL, WAAPA, Youth Ballet WA and numerous other dance schools and sporting clubs in the greater metropolitan area. He is also available for seminars on a range of topics such as sports injury prevention and corporate health and he has helped design injury management programs for multiple sports clubs and recreation centres.

Brett graduated from Curtin University in 2003 and has completed post graduate soft tissue courses as well as facilitated soft tissue education seminars and tutorials. For over a decade he has supervised Occupational Therapy students and continues to do so. In 2007 Brett was awarded the Curtin University Fieldwork Supervision Award for his dedication to teaching and achieving high outcomes with students. Brett currently implements the Level One professional development program at Health Central OTI Brett is also the Chairman of the Noonan Syndrome Awareness Association (NSAA); a not-for-profit that works to increase awareness of Noonan Syndrome, reduce misdiagnosis rates and facilitate access to services.

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Aidan Talijancich

Aidan holds a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy from Curtin University of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts/Education degree in Physical Education and Health from Edith Cowan University. Throughout his studies, Aidan gained valuable experience in soft tissue therapy, injury rehabilitation and prevention, mental health, paediatrics and neuroscience.

After participating in basketball at a high level for many years and experiencing his own injury setbacks, Aidan has personally experienced the benefits of soft tissue therapy in performing at an elite level.

Aidan is a Level One CrossFit coach where he has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of athletes and has also completed seminars on movement & mobility, back pain and shoulder health.

Aidan has a passion for educating clients on the holistic nature of soft tissue therapy and how it can be integrated, to not only prevent and treat injury, but also improve and optimize our function and performance in daily life.

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Melissa Dougall

Melissa graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Throughout her degree she was to gain valuable experience working in soft tissue, aged care, paediatrics, disability, neuroscience, mental health and ergonomics.

Through an extensive background in ballet, contemporary and flamenco dance, Melissa achieved her Certificate IV in Dance and Performance, Advanced Primer Ano (Spanish Dance Society) and was awarded at the RAD Festival – Best Artistic Interpretation. Melissa was offered multiple scholarships throughout Europe, where she decided to live and study full-time, continuing her classical, neo-classical and contemporary training at the Academie de Danse Princess Grace – Monte Carlo. As part of her tenure, she worked with companies such as L’Opera de Monte-Carlos and Ballet Nice Mediterranean, and choreographers such as Jeroen Verbruggen.

Melissa has personally experienced the benefits of soft tissue treatment through injury management and prevention, and sports enhancement. She particularly found it key in helping her reach her full potential as a dancer.

Through Melissa’s comprehensive knowledge and experience gained as a dancer at an elite level, in conjunction with her studies in occupational therapy, she hopes to make a positive impact treating and helping other athletes, dancers and sports men and women. Helping them reach their potential through injury prevention, understanding their anatomy and physiology, mental health, nutrition and general well-being.

Melissa’s passion is helping people of all ages and interests achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.

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Jordan van der Westhuizen

Jordan graduated with Honours in Occupational Therapy from Edith Cowan University. Throughout his studies, Jordan gained valuable knowledge in various areas, including soft tissue, neurorehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and Paediatrics. Additionally, during his time at university, Jordan received the Paediatric and Youth and Assistive Technology Awards for the highest overall mark in these subjects at university.

Jordan has a diverse sporting background, in which he has competed at a high level in cricket. In addition to this, he has a great interest in rugby, tennis and golf which has sparked a particular interest in shoulder and knee related injuries.

Following several significant sporting injuries, Jordan has experienced first-hand the frustration injuries can impose. Through these experiences, and in conjunction with his studies, Jordan recognises and understands the benefit that soft tissue therapy can have on injury management and prevention.

Jordan is passionate about empowering others to improve and promote their health journey through the use of health education and soft tissue therapy.

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Taylor Nicholas

Taylor graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy. Throughout her degree, Taylor gained valuable experience in the areas of soft tissue, paediatrics, aged care and disability.

Taylor has participated in many sports at a high level, such as tennis and hockey, which have led her to experience the benefits of injury management. Taylors passion for soft tissue stemmed from her own personal experience of chronic pain. This need to manage her chronic pain as well as recovery from sport related injuries ultimately sparked her desire to help others experience the benefits of soft tissue therapy.

Taylor believes that soft tissue education and treatment is key to reducing pain, addressing injuries and allowing the body to function at an optimal level.  She is fascinated by all areas of the body and strongly believes that soft tissue therapy can provide numerous benefits to people of all ages, abilities and occupations.

Taylor is enthusiastic about helping people to optimise their function in their daily activities.

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Annika Lydiate

Annika graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Throughout her studies she gained valuable experience in soft tissue therapy, aged care and paediatrics.

From her participation in high-level swimming over many years, Annika understands the necessity of keeping the body functioning optimally and has personally seen the benefits of soft tissue therapy in this.

Annika is passionate about educating clients on the holistic nature of soft tissue therapy and incorporating nutrition, daily routines and general well-being to not only prevent injury but to optimise function, whether that be athletic performance or daily occupations.

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Jake Thompson

Jake graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Throughout his degree he gained experience in areas of soft tissue, young adult rehabilitation, neuroscience, paediatrics, disability and aged care.

From a young age Jake has been involved with numerous sports, in particular elite gymnastics. He has achieved the highest level in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics competing at several national championships and was fortunate enough to earn Australian selection.

Jake has been subject to several sporting injuries over his career and understands the benefits of soft tissue therapy along with injury management and prevention.

This led Jake to his chosen career and is passionate about helping people of all ages in their sport, work or leisure goals by increasing flexibility and range of motion, relieving muscle pain, tension and stress, speeding up recovery, aid in rehabilitation and performance and prevention and early detection of possible injuries.

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